Lindsey Vonn Faces $1.7 Million IRS Lien

21 May

According to the Detroit News the IRS filed a $1,705,437 federal tax lien against Lindsey Vonn and her divorced husband Thomas Vonn on April 2, 2012.

Lindsey and Thomas Vonn

What is IRS Lien?

IRS Lien is generally unpaid federal income taxes. Federal income taxes are bills you have to pay based upon what your income from your job is.

After four years of being married to Thomas Vonn, Lindsey Vonn said in November 2012 that she is getting a divorce. Thomas was her personal coach. After her divorce Lindsey had on of her most successful skiing season of her career. She got 12 World Cup wins and  she is on her way of winning her fourth overall title and three discipline titles.

In despite of Lindsey’s struggles with her divorce she claimed $604,225 in prize money this is the most money that any athlete had on the 2012 World Cup Circuit.

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One response to “Lindsey Vonn Faces $1.7 Million IRS Lien

  1. Mr. H

    June 11, 2012 at 2:10 pm


    I wonder if their money problems led to their divorce? Also, the $600,00+ in prize money is surprisingly low to me. I’d have guessed in the millions. My sense is that the top skiers make their BIG money in sponsorships.

    Here’s a link I found interesting regarding athletes’ earnings.

    Super job blogging this year. You have a talent for this stuff! I hope you continue to post.

    Well done,
    Mr. H


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